Happy 4th Anniversary, Sahl Communications!

We celebrate our 4th anniversary this month — that’s four action-packed orbits around the sun! In fact, we pass this milestone on November 9th, but we are celebrating all month.

In honor of this milestone event, our CEO is sharing her “Top Four Lessons Learned.”

Part of the team at The Borenstein Group, a longtime partner of Sahl Comm

1. Partnerships. Over the past four years — and for the rest of the years to come — I believe that creating key partnerships is a true path to success. In the past four years Sahl Comm’s strong, long-lasting partnerships with great companies and great people have been one of our keys to igniting the new ideas that propel us forward. From The Borenstein Group and Green Leaf Productions who have been with us since the beginning, to CKI Communications in Germany who came on board last month, we value all of the collaborative opportunities.

I’ve also learned that partnerships with strong financial managers are key to any company’s success. We are pleased to be working with John Murphy, CPA and Howard Lieberman of BCFSOL. Our partnership with Lehigh University’s Small Business Development Center allowed us to grow in ways we could only hope for. To all of our partners we thank you and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

2. Empowerment. In my experiences I’ve seen small- and medium-sized company CEO’s keeping hold of too many crucial tasks. I’ve learned to bring on the brightest and the best to Sahl Comm and let them do their things. Empowering employees is vital to sustaining morale, increasing growth and frankly enhancing your positive company brand. If you want to be viewed as a company that is trustworthy and reliable, then you should be so from within.

The 2013 Sahl Comm Team (back row from L-R: Pres./CEO Kim Plyler, AE Katherine De Menno; front row from L-R: Jade Cortez, Briana Surber, T.J. Ervin, and HP Hirts)

Over the years our team at Sahl Comm has grown. And we have more announcements coming up in the next month. I value each member of our team as well as their commitment and dedication to our mission. In particular I’d like to formally thank Katherine De Menno who came on board here with Sahl Comm at the beginning of year two. She is a dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable team member. I am so pleased she is with us and I look forward to many more years of working with her. I’d also like to thank Jade Cortez, T.J. Ervin, and Briana Surber, all of whom continue to grow with our company. And a special thank you needs to go to our friend in Germany, Henri-Pierre Hirts, who has helped us form a whole new section of our offerings. Thanks, HP.

Sahl Comm: the grand opening of our office in San Francisco, CA (office on right, with metal awning)

3. Positive Energy and Professionalism. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of professional folks and work with professional coaches over the past years. One old lesson continues to ring true, and that’s “remain positive.” Along with hard work, you need to approach every day with positive energy and professional conduct. Our best example came when Sahl Comm opened the office in San Francisco. It was always in the business plan to expand nationally and then globally, but the national opportunity came out of a social media moment. We took that social media moment and added energy to it and convinced our first California client that we were the team to choose. We followed that lead and now have an office in San Francisco, and our clients still love and appreciate the positive energy.

Sahl Communications, Inc. President and CEO, Kim Plyler, in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in D.C. at a pivotal point in her life, just as she was about to found the integrated communications and PR firm, Sahl Comm.

Sahl Communications, Inc. President and CEO, Kim Plyler, in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in D.C. at a pivotal point in her life, just as she was about to found the integrated communications and PR firm, Sahl Comm.

4. Enjoy The Ride. I’m a firm believer in having a solid plan. Mapping out what you plan to do is critical to success. It provides vision, encouragement, and a path. But I also believe that you cannot focus solely on the end. As cliché as this may seem, I like to enjoy the ride. Taking time to live in the moment and staying positive helps you maintain forward momentum.

And that’s what we have here at Sahl Comm: positive forward momentum. Keep your eyes open for some major announcements from us as we continue to celebrate our four year anniversary. Thank you for being part of our team.