Interim Management Services

SahlComm’s seasoned professionals are prepared to fill the void when clients face leadership, financial or operational challenges. We provide leadership and strategic decision-making abilities to maintain momentum, establish priorities, build morale and provide critical continuity. Who better to provide Interim Management Services than Non-Commissioned Officers from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps to you and your team.

With SahlComm’s Interim Management Services, members of your team will have maximum time to accomplish their tasks. Leaders will learn to earn their subordinates’ respect and confidence as well as that of their peers. We encourage loyalty to those with whom are in your organization; seniors, peers, and subordinates alike. We teach all employees to exercise initiative by taking appropriate action in the absence of orders. The key is what we, as experienced leaders preach every day: not compromising our integrity, nor our moral courage. We will preach to not forget that we are all professionals (in both SahlComm and your organization) and leaders. With our Interim Management Services, you gain the experience and leadership skills of seasoned professionals, both inside and out of combat and office environments.

Interim executives also may utilize specialized SahlComm domain experts in marketing, turnaround, or public affairs to solve specific organizational challenges and to support the turnaround process.

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