History of Sahl Communications

A full-service communications firm headquartered in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

SahlComm started in Bethlehem, PA in November of 2009. Founder Kim Plyler opened the doors with the desire to share the stories of those who were improving humanity. With its strong roots in a solid location, Bethlehem, former Steel Town, provided the central location for outreach to the United States key eastern areas such as NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

The team at SahlComm found success by working with clients to make connections not only with media outlets, but with key groups to help increase both the bottom line and visibility. “It was and always will be about furthering the missions of those improving humanity,” said Kim Plyler. In the company’s fourth year, the mission took them to California where they opened up a then satellite office in San Francisco. Pulling in talented brands in extreme sports and entertainment.

In year six, the company expanded its reach to include Europe when they helped the overseas military voting initiative. The expansion to Europe grew and, in the company’s ninth year, they joined forces with two major companies in London and opened a location there.

In its 10th year, the company launched a signature online program called Master Your Story, which embodies a natural sense of community, drawing together like-minded souls who are inspired to help others and make the world a better place by embracing our social responsibility.