Crisis Communications

SahlComm is a top crisis communications firm relied upon by C-level executives for crisis communications planning and reputation management services before, during and after a crisis. The best way to handle a crisis is to be ready for it.

Crisis Communication Planning is an investment not an expense

Studies indicate that every dollar spent on crisis communications planning is worth $17 in losses averted.

The best way to communicate during emergencies

Emergencies can, and usually do, occur without warning. At SahlComm, we are with you every step of the way. Before, during and after the crisis. We train your key internal leaders on how to handle emergencies through our six step process.

Our emergency communication planning services include:

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Response Recovery
  • Reporting
  • Back to Business

We’ve had extensive experience dealing with crisis communication situations such as the bombing of USS Cole, Pentagon during and after 9/11 and an outbreak of a contagious disease at a university, plus many more.

Our first main goal is protection of lives and property and the protection of your company, its assets, its image and its people.

How to handle the media during a crisis is something we can train you for well in advance of a crisis or as the crisis is unfolding. Handling the media is the key to managing the message and clear concise messaging without sacrifice to your company image.

We provide:

  • Media training for crisis
  • A full service Crisis Communication team
  • How to report after a crisis
  • Training on “Help Get me Out of this Mess”

Our entire management team has experience in deployment to crisis command centrals both in the United States and abroad. We have dealt with counterterrorism issues, counterinsurgency (COIN), humanitarian aid, and much more. We are ready to assist with our quick response, attention to detail, and drive to obtain a positive resolution. Whatever your crisis is, and wherever you need us, we will be there to help communicate, mitigate damages and bring you to a successful outcome.

Crisis Communications Media Training

Spokesperson Media Training

As a crisis communications firm, we will prepare your spokespersons to effectively speak to various stakeholders in a potentially hostile and volatile environment. They will:

  • Learn “Best Practice” crisis communications skills using proven messaging and interview preparation tools and techniques
  • Role play and practice on-camera in a range of situations such as:
    • News Conference
    • Ambush Media Interview
    • Community and Employee Group Meetings
    • Social Media Engagement

Crisis Simulations

As a crisis communications firm, we check your readiness with highly interactive simulations based on real-world fact patterns with the largest reputation risks and situations they are likely to face. This process is designed to:

  • Expose vulnerabilities and highlight strengths
  • Enhance teamwork under stressful conditions
  • Encourage active participation by crisis team members

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