As the landscape of how communication has changed over the years, social media has pushed its way to the forefront. Having a strategical conversation with clients about social media and what works best for them to send a clear message is important. Certain platforms appeal to certain demographics, and once that has been identified, it will help to create the content that you or your client desire to reach their target. Managing social media has a few factors that are quite important to consider than just posting something on a whim.

Push through the Social Media Clutter to be heard

When your client tells you who or what their target demographic is, you should be able to help them identify which platform or platforms to begin to utilize. There is a social media platform for all—all audiences your client is trying to reach, some appeal to multiple demographics, others appeal to more specific ones. The message that you want to convey though, should be specifically catered to each platform or demographic, all while making sure to connect the same brand message across all. Being able to find your voice for each platform all while remaining consistent is key.

Another key factor to managing social media is the timing in which you post. People tend to look at specific platforms at certain times on certain days. Identifying the timing needs to connect with the community in which you are reaching out to connect with, which will help clients accumulate the most views, likes, reach and overall engagement between their social media and audience. The post with which your client plans on putting on social media should have an organic feel, and come off conversationally. People will connect better to things that they feel are genuine.

Social media can feel very overwhelming when trying to consistently juggle engaging posts and reaching your target, especially across multiple platforms. There are plenty of social media management tools that can help with scheduling posts and managing the analytics. They can help alleviate any concerns when it comes to making sure posts are clear and consistent, all while providing ways to read and respond to comments, knowledge of optimal times to post and access for multiple team members to use at once. Social media management websites also make it easy to edit what you’re saying, along with when you say it. All of these simple tools can help make a huge positive impact when it comes to managing any type of social media, whether that means multiple accounts on multiple platforms; everything will all be in one place.

Social Media posting has become a bit of an art and a science which is in fact…a more sophisticated way of ‘word of mouth’ communication. You need the right audience, the appropriate ‘soap box’ to reach them, a way to organize your thoughts, and knowledge of communicating your message at the right time. If you want to learn more reach out to us at