While your customers, clients and partners don’t often see into the everyday operations of your company, an event gives them a glimpse into the type of company you are. It can tell your guests that you’re fun, your clients that you’re a driven and talented company, or your partners that you are open and dependable. On the other hand, a poorly organized event can say that your company lacks the wherewithal and effort to pull off a great event for its attendees. Ineffective events provide no benefit to the attendees or your organization.

To pull off a great event and present your company well, outsourcing an event planner can be beneficial in several different ways. Read on to find out how bringing in an event planner can save you time and money and throw an amazing event for your attendees.

1. Time Savings
Planning an event is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of attention. While some of your employees may have the know-how to set up an event for your company, they may not have the time to dedicate to the task on top of all their other duties. Taking time away from your employees’ roles can mean that not only the product of their work suffers, but also that the event they are planning may not get its fair share of attention, and details may fall through the cracks. Outsourcing an event planner prevents your staff from becoming stretched too thin, and frees them up to concentrate on their roles. Your event will get the dedication it needs to be a success, without putting your company’s product in jeopardy!

2. Cost Savings
When you hire an event planner, you’re hiring a professional who knows the tricks of the trade to cut costs without cutting corners. Additionally, their established relationships with venues and suppliers provide you with reliable and affordable access, saving you the effort of shopping around to find the lowest prices.

3. Experience
While your internal staff may have some general knowledge about event planning, they probably do not possess all the skills and experience needed to plan and execute an event from start to finish. A seasoned event planner will be able to anticipate needs you didn’t know you had or issues that may arise. Prevent overlooking all the little things that add up to a great event by bringing in an event pro who will not only make sure these details are covered, but done remarkably.

4. Fresh Perspective
You may still be thinking, “My staff has pulled off several events without a problem, why should I start outsourcing now?” That may be so, but what happens when they start running out of ideas? Inspiration can run dry, and the details of your events may begin to overlap. A professional event planner comes with a wealth of new ideas that your team hasn’t thought of or used previously. Breathe some life into your events with the unique perspective that an outsourced event planner can contribute to your company.

5. Relieve Stress
When the day of your event comes, you have plenty of other things to think about other than if the food is arranged properly and the sound system is working. Your event planner can provide support on the day of your event to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. The planner will interface with the vendors to handle any issues that arise, taking the stress off your shoulders and leaving you to the most important part of the event, which is enjoying it with your guests!

An event planner can work with your company as little or as much as you need to pull off your next event. If this all sounds great, but now you’re wondering where to find an event planner, you’re in luck. Give SahlComm a call to discuss what we can do to make your next event a success!