By Samantha Warga

Being an intern at a company is supposed to be a learning experience for both you and for the company. You are learning about the real world and how everything you learned in school comes to play in real life. The company gets to learn if you are a good fit, and if you can offer something new to their team.

When being an intern at a company, you want to show them you are a good worker and you will represent the company well.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts of being an intern:

DO: set goals that you want to accomplish during your internship. Show your employer that you want to learn specific things and them some.

DO NOT: go into an internship unprepared. You need to know something about what you will be doing.

DO: work hard on everything they ask of you. Show them that you care about the project they have given you.

DO NOT: try and come up with the fastest way to complete the task. Don’t just do it to get it done with.

DO: show your employer that you want to keep working hard. Ask them if there is more you can do, or ask them for another project. Take initiative.

DO NOT: wait around for them to give you more to do

DO: show excitement in what you are doing. Be the person that other people want to work with. Make each project an exciting one.

DO NOT: seem like you aren’t at all interested in what you are doing. Don’t just do a project or assignment just because you have to, do it because you are excited about it.

DO: meet as many people as you can during your internship. Making connections is a huge part of the business world.

DO NOT: be afraid to ask questions. This is a learning experience, if you have a question ask it.

All of these will help make your internship a really good experience for you. Just always remember you are there to learn new things and to use what you have already learned in the real work world. Have passion for what you are doing, but more importantly, be happy with what you are doing.