In an ever changing world of advertising, social media, wars, pandemics and just way too much ‘Stuff” out there, what should you and your public relations team pay attention to?  Over the past years of researching hot topics for content, navigating information across different platforms and to reach different audiences the following three things are important to know.  Take some time and have your teams dig deeper into artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion, and data mining with ROI.

First, it is no big secret that artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. It is everywhere from automated content support to robots dancing and climbing mountains with Boston Dynamics.  It’s for real, and it’s already happening for most communicators, in the software you are using today for your comms efforts. Embrace the power of AI to help you make sense of the dizzying array of data at your fingertips while you also keep in mind that your mind is still the dominant force behind great communications. Nothing can compare to your story telling of your own experience.

Next, whether it’s within your department, agency or your organization as a whole, being part of a diverse workforce and ensuring all voices are heard and included in decision making is no longer a “nice to do” initiative. It is a new way of growing a solid and engaging workforce. Have your team and your agency set aside time address how you can improve your company’s culture and your workforce. We have worked with companies during the pandemic getting them to understand the importance of changing management styles to attract and keep the best employees. Quality of life is important and all good CEOs and agencies will tell you that.

Third, take some time to understand your data from your agency, your social media, your outreach efforts.  Understanding what is really being perceived about your company is vital to helping you sustain mobility and growth. It also helps to avoid a crisis communication issue.  Which we have seen rise in companies that do not understand their own data. The amount of data you have access to will only proliferate in the years to come. Gain a better understanding of data marketing, for as the lines between PR and marketing continue to blur, you will need to have a clear vision of how to leverage the most important data points.

These three points are important to get a handle on as the amount of data and AI increase and your team landscape changes.