It’s disheartening that a post pertaining to this topic even needs to be created. However, it is something that is currently a very prominent and important issue and the more knowledgeable citizens are about what to do in an active shooter situation, the better.

Obviously, there is no way to predict when one of these situations will take place or what kind of setting it will be in. The best we can do is try and circulate basic knowledge that is essential when it comes to surviving one of these situations. There are many videos out there that describe different active shooter situations, so take some time and educate yourself on different approaches to handling the situation.

Watching instructional videos are better than doing nothing to prepare for the possibility of one of these situations, but getting actual training is even better. Seriously consider looking into whether or not there are any programs in your area that offer self-defense training or any kind of situational training. If there are, sign up and take your friends, family, or even your co-workers. If not, try looking into who you can contact in your area to get a program started. It might just save some lives one day.

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