We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Veteran’s Resource Network (VRN). VRN is a team of former military members, including Navy Seals, Army Snipers and Marines, who have developed one of the most in-depth and individualized approaches to helping our returning Veterans transfer military skills into civilian jobs. They are the team behind Troops to Truckers, Adventure Vets and the Blue Collar Veteran Job Fair. We spent the day with them discovering all of their successful efforts and discussing how we can assist them by increasing their visibility across the nation.

If you have time today check out their website and learn more about them. We at Sahl Comm, a female Veteran-Owned small business PR firm, believe that every military member returning home deserves not only our honor and respect but our assistance and gratitude for a job well done. Adventure Vets just one of the programs presented by VRN.