By Kim I. Plyler

The team at SahlComm announces the launch of our new client base in extreme sports. Over the next several weeks we will be “rolling out” our new skateboard clients as they “roll into” our team line up. We’ve taken on this new venture because the west coast skateboarders are skating in competitions to benefit community charities along the east coast.

Each of the five skaters working with SahlComm will appear at five different skateboard locations on the east coast. Our office in San Francisco will act as the west coast hub for these extreme skateboarders. Our headquarters in Bethlehem, PA will handle all publicity including video productions. Our team down in Washington DC will handle the graphics and marketing materials production.

The first event is slated to kick off during the first week in October. Keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, SahlComm site and here in this blog for updates. Until then please check out this video of a charity support skateboard competition recently held at the Bethlehem, PA skatepark hosted by HomeBase Skate Shop and Element.