Most people moan and groan when Monday morning rolls around, especially after a relaxing weekend. And then there’s the alternative: embracing Monday and looking forward to the work week…because you’ve landed a job that you love.

If you find a career that you love – something you enjoy doing and you’re passionate about – you will never work a single day in your life.

Passion is what drives a person to do the best he or she can. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, that removes a spark of interest and dedication. Doing a job without putting your heart into it is like driving a car without filling it up with gas: you will get nowhere. Your drive that stems from the cause/career that excites you will show, and people (coworkers, bosses and clients) will innately be drawn to you and your work. Passion and talent — when applied appropriately — breed positive, strong results. Your work will stand out amongst others, who may not be passionate about what they were doing. Having better results forms a stronger business.passion_1

For example: “As an intern here at Sahl Comm, I had to choose an ‘intern project’ to take the lead role on during my time here. I had three options to choose from: one of them was to help Sahl Comm package and sell their services; the second was to plan and manage an awards event to be held in August; the third option was to assist on developing a target outreach plan for the Veteran Resource Network.

Having thought about the three options that I was given, I had decided to go with the Veteran Resource Network project, which in turn required me to work with its three programs. Its Troops to Truckers program really stood out to me: a program that takes US military veterans who used to drive tanks, and trains them to operate tractor trailers, offering these veterans career opportunities. When I heard about that program, I was so blown away that these veterans who thought they wouldn’t have jobs after their time in military were being given a chance to make a new career out of truck driving.

I decided to go with the Veteran Resource Network because I was so passionate about the Troops to Truckers program. I chose the project I am passionate and excited about, and because of this, I will put in my best work and offer the best results that I can. Having passion for what I’m doing is going to make me look forward to my work and work as hard as I can to produce great results, not only for the Veteran Resource Network, but also for Sahl Comm and myself.” – Samantha Warga, Summer 2013 Sahl Comm Intern

Here at Sahl Comm we are all very passionate about the work we do and projects we take on. Because we are so passionate about what we do every day, it seems as if we aren’t doing a job or working, but rather, doing something to help someone and make them a happy, satisfied client.

Incorporating that message into the everyday workplace is key. Here at Sahl Comm we are driven by a client’s mission and cause that we truly believe in and can stand by. As a result, we “never work a day in our lives.”