It’s critical to conduct a messaging workshop prior to announcing your company. A messaging workshop is designed to provide the key messages, key descriptors, methods of utilizing the key phrasing to increase awareness and provide a platform for all marketing materials for your organization.

If you want to:

Make clients feel more confident and purchase your product or service Ensure your staff is clear on what your organization is striving for? Garner more partners to drive more sales? Capture influencers to recommend your show to others?

You can achieve all these outcomes if your communications are clear and concise and are tied to a consistent, credible theme. A messaging workshop can help you uncover and develop powerful messages that explain in compelling language what you do and what you stand for. A good workshop will develop coherent, effective messages.

What is a “message” and why do I need one?

Effective words help crystallize thought and opinion about your organization. The words and phrases you use in media releases, media interviews, marketing materials, web sites and sales pitches should all be based on your key messages. Key messages should be tied to the overall business strategy and support activities by marketers, salespeople and your leadership team. These messages aren’t advertising taglines. They are bite-sized summations of more complex brand and product essence.

Taking the time to develop strong company messages will increase your profitability and assist your public relations efforts. Your messages should resonate throughout all your marketing materials. You need to have a clear, concise and captivating message.