As the first decade of the Millennium closed and we stepped into a new decade, the pace and scope of change continues to astonish people. Its true that lot of areas in our world are changing, but perhaps none more so than the field of communication. The most changing and eye-opening thing to the fields of communications/PR/ and Relationship Management was and continues to be “WikiLeaks“.

Now with the very real possibility that your company’s inner most confidential documents may become front page news, how do you manage your image and reputation? The next several blog entries will address:

    1. How to safeguard your image,
    2. Prevent your company from becoming a major source to WikiLeaks,
    3. Prepare a crisis communication plan
    4. What to do if you have been compromised.

I look forward to your feedback as we address these issues. I’d like to thank everyone for helping get this blog rated with EZine Magazine. I look forward to a great new year and thank you all again for your participation in the conversation. Next entry is “How to Safeguard your Image in a Wiki-World”.