Check out these sites to learn about incorprating social media into your PR campaigns.

New Media Release Group – A Google group started to discuss the new media release format with participants ranging from independent PR consultants to PR Newswire and Market Wire.

New PR – Constantin Basturea’s “Digg style” site for new media public relations news.

Workspace for Social Media Press Release (hRelease) – hRelease is a community effort to define a new format for press releases via a community standard microformat

Social Media Club – Chris Heuer’s site focused on sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media.

Social Media Press Release Template (pdf) – SHIFT Communications

Inspiration for the Social Media Press Release from Tom Foremski

New Media Release Podcast – With Chris Heuer, Tom Foremski, Brian Solis and Shel Holtz.

Web 2.0 Press Release Marketing – PRWeb’s many social media optimization tools for press releases.

Social Media Power Players – Wall Street Journal profiles the users who dominate various social media formats. Via Steve Rubel.

PR Squared Blog – “Scenes from the trenches of PR 2.0? by Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications.