In the current times of economic downturn and volatile markets, businesses and corporations are looking for a leg up on their competition. Corporate executives and marketing professionals relentlessly study market trends and scour through sales data to find the perfect solution for gaining the cutting edge. While these methods certainly have their place in the marketing realm, another method may produce more efficient and tangible results than just evaluating numbers.


Amidst all the focus on data and information, the ability to effectively communicate and manage relationships with people has lost much of the emphasis it once had. This de-emphasis on the human element has created a void, while also creating an opportunity. The companies that are able to develop and maintain a people-first mentality will potentially find the answers they need to take the lead within their respective industries.

In the world of public relations, the value of a people-first mentality becomes quite apparent. Public relations at its very core deals with the cultivation of relationships and emphasizes clear communication with people. There is so much more to PR than what meets the eye. Certainly, its purpose is to positively communicate and share the image of a company or person to the public; however, effective public relations does much more than churn press releases and orchestrate publicity campaigns. The best PR practitioners find unique ways to appeal to people.


Each message, image and event is painstakingly designed to deliver a max-appeal to the public. Even the best-laid campaign is subject to the relationship between the client and his or her publicist. This is not just true in public relations; it is true in any industry. The success of a company or individual is dependent on the cultivation of relationships. People need to feel appreciated and valued.

That being said, the implementation of a people-first mentality is rather difficult to achieve; it begins on the individual level before it becomes the corporate mindset of the whole company. For this mindset to truly evolve, every employee needs to play his or her part and the CEO must lead the charge. A sense of community starts with the core leadership and will work its way down. Everyone must buy in, and the right people must be put in place, with hardwired communication abilities and genuine charisma.

In an ideal world all of this is possible, but in reality, the ideal is not always going to be possible. The ones who are able to build meaningful relationships and inspire people to work through any circumstance will be the ones who gain the cutting edge. A single marketing campaign will not deliver the kind of long lasting results — a highly-devoted and personable team will.

Market trends fade and sales numbers fluctuate, but people remain constant. The ability to cultivate authentic relationships and effectively communicate with people is the most basic and valuable stone of the foundation of success.