Sahl Comm was recently asked, in a online Public Relations Poll of Top PR Boutique firms in the US, “What are the top three things you do as leader of your firm to ensure business success?” We thought we’d share our responses here in this blog in hopes that it will enlighten your “creative thoughts”.

Number 1: Tap into your creative mind. Each day we develop one thought about a positive change. Usually this positive change includes one of our company goals. We take a moment and clear our minds of everything leaving only that positive change. Then we move on with our day. We suggest your firm try doing this every day for a year and at your end of year party look back over the thoughts and see just how man, if not all of them, were accomplished. We believe when you take the time to tap into your creative thoughts, you unlock the door to so many possibilities.

Number 2: Remove all negative things, thoughts and issues from your life. If we make a mistake we “Forgive it, Learn from It and Move On.” This can be a hard practice to master but once achieved and put into practice it will open up your firm to countless possibilities and a renewed sense of freedom and trust.

Number 3: Passion! Passion! Passion! We believe that you must be passionate about what you are doing otherwise why do it? We create, celebrate and deliver our work with passion through out the whole process. We suggest if you find yourself losing passion please revert to item “number 2” and see whats distracting you from your passion and remove it.

If any of this sparks your interest and you want to learn more about taping into your potential we suggest read the following authors; Ernest Holmes, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Brian Johnson.

(Photo of Samatha Warga and Katherine De Menno passionate about sending a release out on VOCUS)