When it comes to common sense, this post really captures the epitome of it all. A lot of what you are about to read most likely goes without saying, but we are going to put it out there anyway just to keep the concept fresh in peoples’ heads.

It’s very common nowadays to be in any kind of social or public setting and see people with their eyes glued to their phones. Some might just be casually checking sports scores or briefly reading a text message, which is completely fine. It’s when someone’s eyes are completely glued to their phone that problems begin to present themselves.

Imagine this scenario: you are a thug, robber, or whatever you prefer to call someone who has the audacity to attack or rob another human being. While you’re walking down the street in the middle of the day looking for a victim, you see two people. Both have decent clothing and an average-sized figure, but there is a significant difference between the two. One is walking with a demeanor that suggests they are confident and alert. The other is fixated on their phone and most likely could not tell you a single thing about their current surroundings. So given the circumstances, which one would you be most likely to target and rob? If you chose the person on their phone, you are correct, but don’t actually go out trying to rob people.

The point is, don’t be susceptible to the dangers of being clueless because you are too busy looking at your phone. If you are out and about in public, be totally aware of your surroundings. You won’t trip, accidentally bump into anyone, and most importantly, you won’t do something that could potentially harm or injure you, such as walking into traffic or getting robbed. Don’t think it’s never happened before.

You may have heard of the story where a man tragically lost his life on Christmas Day because he fell off a cliff while he was most likely preoccupied with his mobile device. These kinds of incidents are occurring more and more frequently due to the popularity and growth of mobile devices. So don’t just put down your phone, be alert, be aware, and don’t turn into a statistic.

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