The United States People of America: Remembering the Unity in a Tragedy

Last night I was listening to the radio while driving and a commercial piqued my interest: different voices belonging to men, women, and children stated “I will,” followed by a kind, charitable, or tributary act he or she promises to carry out in remembrance today, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.’s “I Will” Campaign PSA achieved its goal; it moved me— made me feel mournful, reflective, and enthusiastic all at once. I remembered.

9/11 reminds the United States of the unity on which we were founded and the unity we are capable of fostering. That’s what the “I Will” Campaign seeks to keep alive. The PSA reminded me that even though I was in Pennsylvania at the time of the attacks and did not experience the loss of a loved one that day, I was still one of millions of Americans present that day, September 11, 2001, and affected by the tragedies. Moreover, it reminded me that I shouldn’t ignore the significant date and the memories, impact, and commemorations that come with it; it encouraged me to embrace it all.

I woke up this morning, greeted with a post from my friend Jan with a link to “Stone Soul Picnic” by 5th Dimension, which lead me to “Aquarius” and then to the shower. Quickly the day’s events began to consume my thoughts I was worried about government contracts, working on legal documents, filling my brain with all work. I ran out of my office rushing to get to my meeting. In the parking lot I heard hundreds of kids screaming, laughing, and playing as I made my way to the car. Then everything went silent. No children’s laughter coming from the playground. I looked over and saw the hundreds of children standing at attention in complete silence. The schoolyard flag was lowered to half-mast and it all came running back to me… it’s 9/11.

I am so thankful to be here to talk about it. I called my friends Barb and Gal to wish them well and discuss that faithful Pentagon moment that will connect us all forever. A moment. A hug. A smile. A call. A Tear… A LIFE.

Today, now 11 years later in 2012, we at Sahl Communications continue to remember and honor. We continue to help our service-men and -women, our emergency responders, our neighbors, and the American spirit. Through supporting both local and distant community members and missions, as well as organizations like For Our Country and the Barry Fixler Foundation, we hope to help foster the positive light that collaboration and unity bring to our country.