Social media is ever-changing – and rapidly. As businessmen and women, we are advised to keep up with the latest trends in social media, or run the risk of becoming irrelevant. So in this environment of perpetual change, are there any basics we can adhere to that will never go out of style? It turns out there are some simple rules that still apply, and you learned all of them when you were just a small child.

1. Play Nice
When communicating through a social media platform, pleasant manners do not go unnoticed. “Please” and “thank you” still go a long way, as well as polite language. No one likes a bully, and using harsh or offensive language to present your ideas may cast a shadow on your company and result in a loss of followers and connections.

Additionally, just like your parents and teachers always told you, don’t forget to share. The more that your thoughts and work are “shared” throughout the social media atmosphere, the wider your network, and the greater the chances that a great idea may come back around and inspire you.

2. Be Yourself
As you grow up, you are reminded to be the best version of yourself that you can be; there is no one exactly like you. In social media, when you aren’t being authentic, your audience can tell. You certainly don’t want to lose followers from trying to be something you’re not. You can try new things, but they should always ring true to who you really are.
Unless you are posting on behalf of your entire company, your avatar picture should not be a fictional character or a logo. People connect to other real people, so if you want to leave a true impression, your picture should actually be of you.

3. Pay Attention
Learning and growing is as imperative to social media relevance as it is to real life. If you expect to garner new results, you can’t keep doing the same things you’ve always done. Check out your competitors and see what tactics they are using that are generating success and attention. Take away any ideas that may work for you and your company and adapt them to your social media routine.

4. Ask for Help
Children have no shame, and if they have one thousand questions about something, they are going to ask them all. As adults we often have too much pride to admit when we are unsure, and are afraid to ask for assistance. There is always something new happening in social media, and rather than shying away from it or fumbling around attempting to figure it out, ask someone who knows! If this still seems daunting, there are various blogs available for consultation. These are typically written by industry experts and can offer some insight into whatever concept you are struggling to grasp.

5. Have Fun
Due to the constantly evolving world of social media, there is always something new to play around with. Experiment! Let it be an outlet for your creativity. Keep that child-like attitude where every new thing is not just an opportunity to learn and grow, but also an exciting adventure. Yes, social media has become a crucial component of the business world, but it can also be an aspect of your job that doesn’t have to feel like “work.”

Post inspired by Social Media Lessons You Learned in Kindergarten [Infographic]
By Veronica Maria Jarski (September 10, 2013) via