As fall approaches, it reminds us that as the weather changes with the seasons, so can your business. Most business are cyclical and those cycles are unique to each business. leafBut surely as the seasons change your business does too. Change is constant and rapid in today’s competitive marketplace.

So How are You Facing Your Company’s Winds of Change?

As you face changes in your business, make sure you’re preparing to handle it with success. Here are 4 ideas we suggest to help you prepare.

1. Plan Ahead: As you are thinking through a new direction or growth of your business, revisit your communication plans, marketing strategies and over arching company goals. As your business changes those strategies must also change. Always ensure your talk matches your walk.

2. Have Clear Objectives: A year round focus on objectives is important but as winds shift so will your focus. We suggest having at least a quarterly check in with goals.

3. Be Creative and Flexible: Sometime looking at an old problem with a new fresh creative approach breathes life back into your company. A breath of fresh air coupled with a new flexible approach to a challenge is just what the company doctor orders.

4. Keep EVERYONE Informed: Yes everyone! Sometimes CEOs/business owners plan and map out strategies and forget to communicate them fully to their internal staff. Take the time to revamp your internal communications plans to allow for communicating change.

So as we roll into fall, give us a call if you need help reviewing any of your communications, marketing or strategic plans. We at SahlComm are always happy to help you through change, big or small, and help you deliver it with clear concise messages.