Always feel like you can never find something you need? Constantly sitting in clutter? Trying to get various projects done with a demanding work schedule but can’t seem to get things together? Well here are 3 tips to ensure organization at your job that will make you actually want to sit at your desk.

CLEAN!!—First things first, you need to clean your area and find out what you even have. Throw away and recycle any items that are old or not needed anymore. Then start to pile and categorize the paperwork and various items on your desk. Starting a filing system is a great way to hold all your paperwork in alphabetical order which makes it very easy to find. You should leave the items you will be working on that day on top of your desk so you know what todays agenda consists of.

TIME!!—Yes we all start feeling frantic when an impending deadline is about to arrive, including myself, but it is the inevitable. Instead of dreading that final date and rushing at the last minute to finish a project plan your week out ahead of time. If you have multiple projects assigned to you space them out accordingly. Personally I would start the project with the first due date and the project with the extensive amount of time needed to be completed. Keeping a daily planner and labeling your calendar will keep you on task. Overwhelming yourself with several things at once will make your work mediocre and not your absolute best. Taking the right amount of time on each project will ensure success and a better outcome overall.

PRIORITIES—In this generation we all feel the need to be connected at all times, whether it’s texting, calling, email or social media. This creates a distraction and a lot of multi tasking. In order to get work done in a timely manner your phone or other device should be turned off or put on silent. Knowing if your friends are going out tonight can wait until you clock out at the end of the day. The exception to this is of course emergencies.

These tips will ensure success within your job and less frustration overall. A thing to remember is taking care of yourself and organizing your personal needs as well. Making sure you get enough sleep at night is very important for a productive workday. Sleep deprivation can affect your work ability and productivity. Taking breaks at work is also beneficial for your mindset. This allows you to relax and organize your thoughts for the next task that needs to be completed that day.