Society tells us we have to go to school for 12 years then graduate and go off to college for 4 years. Upon graduating college we have to get a full time job somewhere in some office working 9am-4pm. But why? Why are we limiting ourselves and not taking advantage of what’s out there? There are many ways to do your job and have fun at the same time! Here’s how we do it at Sahl Communications, Inc.!

Decorating office space: If you do have an office space or even cubicle there are ways to make it enjoyable and comfortable to sit at. For example, a magnetic dartboard can be a creative way to relieve some extra stress or simply to have fun. Applying pictures and small ornaments on your desk to give it a personal feel to be your home away from home. Hanging decorations or items on the walls using command strips can make your space pop and more enjoyable. Since you’ll be in this space all day why not make it you?

Photo: Christine in San Francisco at local cafe

Lunch breaks out on the town: Most jobs allow a lunch break for usually about an hour. Instead of sitting at your desk to eat in an office alone going out to eat at a local restaurant or café can give you a “relief from work” feeling. SahlComm is located within walking distance of 12 restaurants. This can also give you a chance to mingle with other co-workers or locals in the area. For a cost saving solution packing your lunch and eating at the local park can be a breath of fresh air you truly needed after a morning of steady hard work.

Telecommute: Many office jobs include working on the computer or telephone. In some cases companies such as SahlComm allow employees to work from home, if yours does make sure you take advantage of it! When given the option to not have to come into the office don’t just sit at home and work! Go to the local park and have a picnic with someone while getting work done. Spend the day at the beach and work on your laptop (try to avoid water damage). Go into the city and pick a cool café to enjoy a cup of coffee! There are many destinations to choose from when given the option to telecommute instead of sitting at home. Changing scenery is very important and keeps things interesting!

Working to support yourself and your family is just as important as having a little fun. It is not hard to do your job and enjoy it at the same time. We do it everyday at SahlComm. Use the resources given to you and take advantage!