SahlComm uses social media as a powerful instrument to reach audiences, for themselves and for clients.

Using media channels properly can make for positive feedback, increase brand awareness and create valuable, beneficial relationships with followers. Although, using social platforms does have its drawbacks. Companies fall guilty to these six pitfalls:

1. Poor planning: Deciding on an end goal for a strategy is important. Sculpting that strategy to be effective is even more imperative. Why you ask? A poorly planned strategy could lead to loss of audience and revenue. Rather than just diving in and posting abundant amounts of tweets and “liking” everything on Facebook, actually sit down and take the time to do the necessary research. Find the proper channels suitable to reach the end goal of your strategy. By doing the proper research, your strategic plan will run more smoothly and cut back on wasted company time.

2. Too many social media outlets: You may think the more social media, the better. That is not the case at all. Too many channels from one company will create clutter for the audience causing confusion or no interest at all. Instead, focus on a few channels that are truly beneficial to your company. If a strategy were set in place, research would have shown the best-proven outlet to use.

3. Using social media as a campaign: More often than not, companies constantly post content to their outlets thinking it’ll attract more audiences. Wrong. Frequently posting content with no meaning clutters your company’s important information and irritates audiences. Try making a schedule with when to update media sites with new, relevant, and quality content. Think of posting content as a mission rather than a battle, that way you’re not scaring audiences away.

4. Assuming an audience will follow social media: You have chosen your channels. Where are the followers? Followers will not just come on their own. Post promotional offers or other incentives to draw in interested followers. Even posts about the company itself may increase your number of “friends;” that is if the content is engaging enough. Use these incentives to initially attract audiences, but be sure to decrease the number of ‘bribes’ once the relationship is maintained.

5. Using social media as a soapbox: Your audiences are following your company for a reason, so acknowledge them. Prompting discussions between the company and its followers can be more effective than posting and not allowing feedback. Start a conversation by asking relevant questions or follower’s opinions. Not only will this attract even more audiences to your interactive media sites, but will give you an insight on how the company is publicly viewed.

6. Social media is the total solution: Yes, social media has been proven to be very effective, but proven to be even more effective when mixed with other aspects. Integrate your media strategies into your company’s marketing, sales, public relations and other divisions. Along with feedback from other’s in the company, referencing the channels through the company’s other division will reach audiences that you didn’t think were possible to reach.

Social media is an important tool to incorporate into a companies marketing plan. Steering clear of these six pitfalls will ensure increased exposure leading to revenue generation.