Sahl Communications, Inc. (SahlComm), a female Veteran-owned communications firm headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, announces the addition of Six Tactical to the company’s list of partnered clients.

“As a Veteran-owned Company we like to partner with other Veteran-owned companies. We are pleased to be working with Six-Tactical,” said Kim Plyler, CEO/Founder of Sahl Communications, Inc. “Having a responsible, intelligent and experienced approach to security training is critical. Six Tactical’s team of highly skilled combat Veterans combined with their strong methodology provides a solid program for security training. We look forward to furthering their mission.”

Six Tactical is a training organization comprised of combat veterans from the U.S. Special Operations community, scholars and business leaders. Based on case studies, analysis and careers in the Marine Force Reconnaissance companies and Navy SEAL teams, this team of instructors delivers training in tactical firearms, unarmed defense, long-range precision fire, scout sniper skills, firearms familiarization, special operations leadership and teambuilding lab, six vigilance and active shooter mitigation.

“SahlComm came highly recommended on behalf of one of our strategic partners,” explained Bryan Abell, Six Tactical’s Managing Director. “SahlComm has an exceptional reputation in the Veteran-owned business community. We’re thrilled to have them at the forefront of our marketing and social media drives.”

Six Tactical seeks to share the critical skills and core values that are the pillars of the security profession and ensure the safety of individuals involved in this occupation. From lectures, teambuilding programs and active shooter mitigation, Six Tactical offers a range of courses for defensive-minded individuals and groups. For more information or to enroll in courses, visit