Kim I. Plyler


Kim I. Plyler is the CEO/President of SahlComm Inc., a public speaker, Optimize Coach, as well as an author and podcast host of “Master Your Story, It Matters!”, Kim uses her platform to encourage individuals and brands to find their story and to share those stories. Whether she is using the success story of a technology company or getting out in front of a story before a crisis arises, she believes every person’s story can help change the world.

Kim is a storyteller at heart, from her education in theatre to her speech writing for admirals in the United States Navy, she has traveled the world and heard stories from all different cultures.  People feel comfortable to open up to her and share their experiences. She is highly sought after in the fields of crisis communication, communication strategy and media relations.  She helps people find common ground through communication.

She has the perfect mix of empathy, humor, self-humility and compassion. Her ability to coach and find the best angles results in an uplifting, motivating and compassionate experience. By tapping into her personal experiences she empowers you to find your inner story and reach greater heights.

SahlComm CEO: Kim I. Plyler